3, Apr2020

Launching 8 online ordering apps in 48 hours!

By Billy Billiris

How did we react to the new Government regulations? Strategically! We got to work and created a range of online ordering sites for our clients to adapt too, converting traditional shopfronts into digital shopfronts ready to be accessed by potential customers.

Powered by VJB Group Online Ordering, our team was busy launching Apps for many of our clients in a hospitality industry struggling with the recent events that have unfolded.

The results?

> No fees charged or on charged by our clients. It is a completely free app for both our clients & their customers to use saving all users a range of fees charged by common delivery aggregators.
> An average of 100+ orders in the first fortnight across all our customers.
> Record brand mentions across all social media platforms.
> A high engagement rate across all clients social media pages upon the announcement of online ordering.
> Above average customer loyalty in comparison to the major delivery aggregators.
> All online ordering sites have enabled customers to launch in-house delivery, allowing hygienic and contactless delivery to take place.

At VJB Group, we will continue to stand by our customers in these tough times, our vision remains to make your brand matter and our team is committed to achieving this. Whilst the recent circumstances aren’t ideal, it is also an opportunity for many businesses in the hospitality industry to reinvent themselves and create new revenue funnels.

Stay tuned as we will release more updates in the coming days!

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