22, Jul2017

Learning from Apples branding success Part 1

By Billy Billiris

When you think of an iconic brand created from an idea, you can’t look pass Apple. It’s truly an underdog success story, two college drop outs go on to build America’s first 700 billion company… We can all truly agree that Apple has become America’s most recognised, iconic and respected brands in the world. Even though it would be difficult but not impossible to replicate Apple’s success, we can truly be inspired by what we can learn from their branding strategy and success. Let’s take a closer look at their branding and be inspired in how it is relevant to businesses all size. Every week I will be breaking down two key elements to their branding success… Here are the first two elements:

1.Emotional engagement through your brand identity.

Steve Jobs was truly a pioneer who believed in emotional engagement. As Steve Jobs once said that “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.” Good branding engages emotions, not just reason, and builds on that connection to create a memorable identity. Branding succeeds when it sparks a positive emotional resonance within consumers. Brands who can capture the emotions of customers are proven to succeed.

Apple famously did this in the mid-1990s. The company’s popularity had waned; its brand recognition was low and its reputation poor. Under Jobs’ leadership, Apple launched an advertising campaign that featured heroes–both living and gone–whose passion and convictions had altered the world in a significant way.The heroes evoked an emotional response in the viewers, and the subtext of theads made it clear that Apple was a company that was passionate about world-changing innovation.

 2.Who are you?

When your brand looks in the mirror what does it reflect? You truly need to know what your brand stands for. As Steve Jobs said Apple’s branding addressed the question of “What are we here to do?” The answer to that question informed not only the company’s marketing and advertising, but also every aspect of its corporate culture and its interactions with consumers.

This is still evident with the storyline Apple shares today with each product launch.

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