2, Aug2017

The Instagram hashtag & follower debate

By Billy Billiris

Do you want to be instafamous? Do you want 100,000 fans overnight? No problem, simply Google “buy instagram followers” and follow the prompts to make it a reality in less than 48 hours. Oh wait…. the Terms and Conditions forgot to mention that all followers are from India, Russia and fantasy land so if you can’t pronounce, understand or relate to the followers don’t be alarmed as this is stock standard but they will help you build the perception of a large, useless & unethical following.

Today I’m going to unleash on the world of “#instafantasy”, the growing number of so called “Influencers” and “Imposters” stating they have active followings of 10,000 plus fans yet don’t have more than 10 REAL followers. The sad aspect is many of the “so called” marketing experts out there are using generators and shopping carts to increase their “following” and “engagement”. It truly is sad because not only are people being ripped off, believing their online community is full of engagement and made up of a large following but furthermore technology has also made them believe that the results are in the fakes likes, comments & followings that have been generated by the third party applications. Yes you read correctly, technology has evolved to the point that automatically upon a certain hashtag being used that a “ghost” account automatically likes, comments and engages with the posts. To clarify I don’t believe in ghosts….

Furthermore today I have conducted comprehensive research into the “hashtag” element of social media. I would like to confirm that #americanfood may generate an extra 50 likes on the post but these likes are once again generated from auto-generators and have no added element of success to a business based in Sydney, Australia other than the ordinary marketers response of “perception”.

As a lead of a VISIONARY marketing agency, I urge my fellow marketers to cut the bullshit out of what they do and to start working hard to build a real community, a real following & generate real results for clients. Social media still has many grey areas which many agencies are taking advantage of for the wrong reasons yet don’t want to work harder & smarter to generate real results which will increase the clients business, perception & active online community.

Would you like to confirm the above facts? Simply ask a friend the last time they searched #food before finding a suitable cafe to eat at. Need help getting ahead? Email me at and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss a real strategy to grow your online presence.

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