2, Aug2017

Driving innovation in a world full of accessibility!

By Billy Billiris

The future of marketing has never looked so exciting! Our industry is evolving, the way we conduct business is changing and the way we communicate brand messaging has become a 24/7 exercise through the many accessible global social mediums.

A key for any business will be to continue to do good. People will always reward the brands who do good & punish the one’s who simply don’t. As marketing agencies, we will ultimately become the “connectors”, brands will engage us to connect them with people through relationship building, showcasing the “good” within their businesses. It’s already become beyond just pay to play, it has become a situation where your creative needs to be so engaging that it excites the viewers whilst communicating the brands core message. It truly will be a talent war…. it will be beyond the ad sets and come down to what content we create to inspire our audience. I have personally seen the growth of organic & viral content which is much of the time shares a subliminal brand message but maintains a non-commercial look & feel. This is critical to understand!

Recently I engaged my team and mentors in constructing our game plan, our vision is to drive marketing innovation in a world of accessibility. I am pleased to announce in the coming weeks, we will deliver an Australian first, there is no single handed agency who will do what we are going to do. It is all about innovation within our organisation, we are committed to being unique and ensuring our content continues to make waves for brands that trust us to grow their brand.

Stay tuned. This story will be continued & will be continued in style!

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